loss assessor FEE structures

If you are interested in engaging a Loss Assessor to manage your Insurance Claims. Then you might be wandering how much it would cost use the Loss Assessor service and what are their fees. Potentially Loss Assessor fees can be free! Click on the image below that best describes your Insurance Claim 

Domestic Claims Fees

Commercial Claims Fees

Landlord Claims Fees

Useful Insurance Claims Guides

What is an Insurance Loss Assessor?

First time making an insurance claim? You might not be sure where to start, or the process of starting an insurance claim might seem very daunting. It is always good to know what options you have available so the insurance claim can run more smoothly without any problems. This is where an insurance loss assessor can help. [Read More…]

What is Business Interruption?

Business Interruption is largely missed by most policyholders if you don’t ask for it to be on your insurance policy. That’s usually due to business owners believing that other insurances such as buildings and contents policies will take care of everything if their operations are interrupted by events such as Burglary, Impact, Food or Fire insurance claims.  [Read More…]

Ready to make an Insurance Claim?

Having to experience an incident such as water, fire, impact or theft damage can be extremely frightening. On top of that, you begin to worry about the long daunting process of making an Insurance claim. By following this list, you would have a better understanding of how an insurance claim is handled.  [Read More…]