When you make a Business Fire Insurance Claim

Cyber Claims are appearing in ever increasing numbers. Information technology is prevalent in both our personal and working environments, and we rely on the use of computers and the web to store data every single day.

All businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks which often results in leaked data and major trading disruption. Cyber-attacks affect all manner of businesses on a daily basis, and are not just targeted at large entities either. Most businesses have suffered some form of phishing or IT related virus in their systems.


Remember hackers are professionals working daily to develop ways of breaking into computer systems. Precautions are all well and good but when we are compromised and protocol fails, your may have to rely on your Cyber Insurance to assist.

Cyber liability Insurance usually covers your business for cloud storage breaches & computer system rebuilds. Restoration of company data is often needed and there will be associated legal expenses. Losses of data and cyber crime claims are very complicated. Specialists are needed to prove that the breach even occurred. Professional hackers leave few traces of their incursion, and Identifying the damage they caused is often arduous.

Business Insurance Claims Handling On Your Side

We are the ONLY party in the claim on your side. We act exclusively in your interests, to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under your policy. We have an extremely experienced team, many of whom used to work for Insurers who use their intimate knowledge of their processes to hasten your claim.

Whether assisting with presenting the claim to Insurers for fire or smoke damage, engaging Surveyors and Structural Engineers on your behalf, or overseeing the building works we can handle the entire process.

As well as your Building Insurance Claims, our Loss Assessors will quantify your material, stock and contents losses & our Chartered Surveyors will scope the damage to the building. Business Interruption and Increased Costs of Working(ICOWs) are negotiated to ensure you are returned to pre-loss growth track.

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How we can help for Business Cyber Insurance Claims

  •  Make your property safe and mitigate any additional damage.

  •  Collate the required information and negotiate your entire claim including including but not limited to Reinstatement Works, Stock or Content Losses & Business Interruption.

  •  Oversee all parties including Insurers Loss Adjusters and their Specialists

  •  Interpret your policy, its wording and any conflicts relating to compliance with its conditions

  • Push Insurers to accept liability as quickly as possible, in order to obtain Interim Payments to help you maintain your business operations.

  •  Maximise your entitlement of Business Interruption cover and justify any Increased Costs of Working.

  •  Survey the property to identify any defects not visible to the naked eye to protect your long term investment.

  •  Aid with specialist appointments should assistance be required in complex situations such as your own forensic scientists.