Broker Services

Changes in legislation as a result of the Insurance Act has placed brokers in a high risk environment when it comes to handling claims in house.

Conflicts of interest exist when you get involved in the process. You will also no doubt have significant overheads and claims management is a drain on resources perhaps better used to generate revenue

The management of claims is becoming more complex; and the number of repudiated claims is increasing. Client retention is usually synonymous with a claim getting paid.


Your clients will expect to receive a high-quality claims service from their insurer or broker. We can offer you that.

Through our patented claims outsourcing solution, your clients will receive a dedicated service on their side. We are excellently placed to provide the skills and resources to meet your policy holders claims challenges.

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Our 24/7 Insurance Claim Helpline

We are always on standby to help your clients with any Insurance related problems.