Option 1
Free Service

If you have a domestic property and appoint all our services to handle your entire claim there is no fee for what we do and our service is completely FREE.

The Chartered Surveyors (who will scope all the damage) and the Insurance approved Contractors (who will return your home to pre-loss condition) will pay us a management fee to oversee your claim. They effectively subsidens our costs of administering the claim on your behalf. The Insurance company pays them directly leaving no costs for you.

Option 2
% (Percent) Of Claim Value

If you just want a lump sum cash settlement, we will still handle all the elements and technical aspects of the claim for you. In this case we will charge a small percentage of the settlement we obtain for you. Our fees are usually adsorbed many times over by the increase in settlement we get our clients. The percentage is determined on the size and complexity of the claims circumstances.

If you want to use your own builder then this option is best. We will still guide them through the process to ensure delays are kept to a minimum and they can concentrate on the rebuild rather than the administration of the building Insurance claim.

You will have your own personal Professionals to look after your interests every step of the way including:

  •  Insurance Claims Assessors
  •  Policy Technicians
  •  Chartered Surveyors
  •  Insurance Approved Contractors
  •  Structural Engineers
  •  Contamination Experts
  •  Building & Contents Specialists
  •  Access To Specialist Networks

You’ll still be designated your own personal:

  •  Insurance Claims Assessors
  •  Policy Technicians
  •  Contents Specialists
  •  Chartered Surveyors
  •  Structural Engineers
  •  Contamination Experts

“A Loss Assessor usually obtains up to 40% more than you would by handling the claim yourself.”

What is an Insurance Loss Assessor?

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Top Reasons An Insurance Claim Is Rejected

Make sure your home is not undervalued as this is the most an insurer will pay out. In some cases an insurer may even return your premium and cancel the policy as you have grossly misrepresented their risk. Remember it’s your responsibility not the insurance company to obtain accurate values for reinstatement.  [Read More…]


Ready to make an Insurance Claim?

Having to experience an incident such as water, fire, impact or theft damage can be extremely frightening. On top of that, you begin to worry about the long daunting process of making an Insurance claim. By following this list, you would have a better understanding of how an insurance claim is handled.  [Read More…]