As a landlord you will naturally rely on income from your property. You will probably expect insurers to have your investment protected from fire or water damage.

 Expecting Insurers to be enthusiastic about  helping you in these circumstances is a mistake. Worse still if you're going to rely on tenants to deal with the problem. You will find the whole process frustrating and debilitating on your time.

You should have specifically designed Insurance for landlords, otherwise you are likely to face difficulties when you make a claim.

We can help and take the entire process on for you. All the meetings, emails, calls and discussions will be handled for you. Various options will be presented along the way and at all times you have the final say.

Preparing and presenting a claim is what we have been doing since World War 2, and we have helped thousands of landlords over these years. Whether you have a single property or multiple portfolios in your care, let us be the buffer between you and your Insurer.

Call us now for some advice and to discuss how we may be of help to you.


“A Loss Assessor usually obtains up to 40% more than you would by handling the claim yourself.”

What is an Insurance Loss Assessor?

First time making an Insurance Claim? You might not be sure where to start, or the process of starting an Insurance Claim might seem very daunting. It is always good to know what options you have available so the Insurance Claim can run more smoothly without any problems. This is where an Insurance Loss Assessor can help. [Read More…]

Top Reasons An Insurance Claim Is Rejected

Make sure your home is not undervalued as this is the most an insurer will pay out. In some cases an insurer may even return your premium and cancel the policy as you have grossly misrepresented their risk. Remember it’s your responsibility not the insurance company to obtain accurate values for reinstatement.  [Read More…]


Ready to make an Insurance Claim?

Having to experience an incident such as water, fire, impact or theft damage can be extremely frightening. On top of that, you begin to worry about the long daunting process of making an Insurance claim. By following this list, you would have a better understanding of how an insurance claim is handled.  [Read More…]