Impact damage can cause significant disruption to your home. The consequences to a property can be dramatic and the damage extensive. The security of your home and family are paramount in these circumstances. Insurers can be slow to react. We can help. Let us oversee the claim so you can concentrate on your family and work. We will attend all meetings with the insurance company or their appointed Loss Adjusters on your behalf to ensure you receive your full entitlement for all repair and restoration works. We will engage Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers working for you to ensure your property is returned to pre-incident. We can even engage contractors and oversee the works.


We can save you the hassle and stress of an added burden you could do without. We will prepare, present and negotiate your claim for you whilst at the same time ensuring your family life can operate as efficiently as possible. You are no doubt a good negotiator but are you an expert in insurance?
We are the ONLY party in the whole process that will be working for you and looking after YOUR interests.



Oakleafe are the only party who is there to look after your interests, negotiating settlements with the loss adjuster to get you what you’re entitled to. We push insurers to accept liability, and ensure that you are not treated like a criminal. All our experienced Loss Assessors are in-house offering unparalleled assistance in householder Impact damage claims. Many of our Assessors were Ex-Loss Adjusters who have enormous experience and know how Insurers work. We will make a real difference on the settlement you receive. You may be a good negotiator but are you an expert in Insurance? Let us handle the stress and irritation of negotiating your claim, allowing you to concentrate on looking after your family.



We will protect you and take control of the situation. This way YOU dictate and not your insurance company how your home is dealt with. We have years of experience in the negotiation and management of household fire claims. We collate, prepare and present the paperwork to Insurers to assist in the smooth running of your claim. We will assist in the re-location of your family and pets on a like for like basis.

Chartered Specialists will scope all the damage, even that which is not visible to the naked eye and oversee the construction works. Everyone else in the claim process works for the Insurance company and is looking after their interests. Let us look after yours.


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How we can help

  •  Make your property safe and mitigate any additional damage.

  •  Collate the required information and negotiate your entire claim including including but not limited to Reinstatement Works, Stock or Content Losses & Business Interruption.

  •  Oversee all parties including Insurers Loss Adjusters and their Specialists

  •  Interpret your policy, its wording and any conflicts relating to compliance with its conditions

  • Push Insurers to accept liability as quickly as possible, in order to obtain Interim Payments to help you maintain your business operations.
  •  Maximise your entitlement of Business Interruption cover and justify any Increased Costs of Working.

  •  Survey the property to identify any defects not visible to the naked eye to protect your long term investment.

  •  Aid with specialist appointments should assistance be required in complex situations such as your own forensic scientists.