Longer Nights Mean Increase In Break-ins

Theft Insurance Claims on the Rise Because of Longer Nights

As the clocks go back for daylight saving and, the darker evenings and longer nights will mean a sharp increase in burglaries and theft related crime. A major Insurer has reported that last year Theft Insurance claims notified to them at this time of year saw an increase of over a third.

Burglars take advantage of the darkness and violent or forcible entry is an unfortunate consequence of circumstances due to the change in time. Over a quarter of these burglaries are opportunistic and mainly on a Thursday or Friday. Statistics or not, if your home is vulnerable it becomes an easy target.

Use Security to Avoid Burglary & Theft

There are some useful things that detour thieves from targeting your property or house. Here is a list of things which you may consider to use:

  • Security Alarm - Having doors and windows alarm while not at home can increase security especially when connected to emergency services that react in minutes

  • CCTV - Modern CCTV’s have high resolutions that can pickup small details in faces, car number plates from longer distances

  • Pet Dogs - Dogs detour thieves as they don’t want to get bitten by dogs protecting their turf

  • Heavy doors - Makes it difficult for thieves to access back doors without making a loud racket

  • PIR Motion lighting - Thieves won’t be able to hide in the dark as motion sensors use infrared that can be activated even when light visibility is very low.

  • Don't leave any spare/hidden key

You must check your home or business insurance policy as there may be stipulations on some of these being in place for them to accept a claim.

Notify your Insurer of Security Changes

Notify your Insurance company if you have made any installation or chances to your home or business security as this might be beneficial to receiver a lower premium offer.

But be mindful as this can also be a double edge sword. Insurance companies may use this as evidence against your claim if the security system have not been maintained or kept at good condition.

Always try to discuss renewal terms with you Insurer each year as the sums insured will most likely have gone up and this will need to be reflected in any policy you hold.

In case of a theft or a home burglary


Should the worst occur, you would be wise to call an Insurance claims Management company or loss assessor to assist. Theft damage is often as a result of break-in and this will form part of any claim as well as the actual items that are stolen.

Engage a Loss Assessors and they can help manage the Insurance claim process on your behalf from start till finish and endeavor to get everything you are entitled to.