In all circumstances, we expect the products we buy to meet minimum standards, and that manufacturers have tested them as safe to use.

Unfortunately defects in products can end up in our homes or businesses and cause significant loss. If you've suffered loss by a faulty or defective product, then our Loss Assessors could help you prepare & present a claim.

Our liability claims team have helped people obtain payments for their consequential losses. We will help and support your needs when making a claim for compensation. 

The majority of the product liability claims we handle are on a Success Fee basis. This means that there's nothing for you to pay upfront, and that you won’t have to pay any legal fees if your claim isn’t successful. 

If you have any questions about claiming for loss caused by a defective product of any kind, call us today on 0333 2101 999 for a free initial consultation about your circumstances.



Insurance Claims Handling On Your Side

We are the ONLY party in the claim on your side. We act exclusively in your interests, to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under your policy. We have an extremely experienced team, many of whom used to work for Insurers who use their intimate knowledge of their processes to hasten your claim. Whether assisting with presenting the claim to Insurers for fire or smoke damage, engaging Surveyors and Structural Engineers on your behalf, or overseeing the building works we can handle the entire process. As well as your Building Insurance Claims, our Loss Assessors will quantify your material, stock and contents losses & our Chartered Surveyors will scope the damage to the building. Business Interruption and Increased Costs of Working(ICOWs) are negotiated to ensure you are returned to pre-loss growth track.

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