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Oakleafe Claims: Insurance Claims Loss Assessors

Having to make an Insurance Claim can often be a complicated and time consuming process. Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors specialise in Insurance Claims Management and only represent the policyholder. We have an extensive experience in all manner of claims and values. As Loss Assessors our mandate is to ensure the policyholder receives their full entitlement after we settle their Insurance Claim.

About Oakleafe Claims

Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors have been helping people and businesses with Insurance Claims since the Second World War. We operate 24/7 throughout the UK with offices in London, Brighton, Manchester, Cardiff & Glasgow. We support and represent you throughout all elements of your Insurance claim against Insurers. You will have access to expertise which your Insurance company will rely on to reduce or refuse your claim. This way you maintain control over how your Insurance claim is dealt with - not your Insurers.








You will have your own dedicated Insurance Claims Loss Assessor who will take away the stress and manage the entire process from start to finish. This single point of contact will oversee every meeting, investigation, all negotiations and the quantification & presentation of the entire claim. We will ensure you receive everything that you are entitled to under your policy, allowing you to concentrate on other more important things in your life or business.

All Meetings & Investigations

We will be the buffer between your Insurance company and yourself.

Stress Free Claim Process

Concentrate on your family or business and let us deal with the workload and minimise the stress.

Receive Full Entitlement

On average we obtain more than you would by handling and negotatiating the claim yourself.

Qualified Claim Presentation

Allow us to collate, prepare and present your claim professionally.


Domestic Insurance Claims

Help get your life back on track

Commercial Insurance Claims

Help get your business back on track

Why Your Own Insurance Claims Loss Assessor?

We, as Insurance Claim Loss Assessors, represent you. Your Insurance Company will employ their own Loss Adjuster to protect their interests. They are their agent, not yours, and this affiliation means a focus on reducing cost which is often incompatible with your own requirements. Having us on board ensures you receive everything you are entitled to. Most importantly it gives you back control. We work will all major insurers on a daily basis.

We have an impressive list of clients that consistently rely upon our services & skills. Over the years we have built up a reputation for being the first port of call for anyone that needs to make an Insurance Claim. Our approach is highly respected by Policy HoldersInsurers, Loss AdjustersBrokers and Managing Agents.


Visit Our Insurance Claims FAQ’s

If you have any questions or concerns about the Insurance Claims Handling process. We built a list of FAQ’s that some of our clients have asked. Insurance Claims can often be a complex & daunting process.