Mr Kelley – Soil Stack Leak & Stalled Claim

Location: Docklands, London
Incident: Leak


The Incident

This salubrious property in the heart of the docklands was suffering from a foul smelling ingression of water into several rooms in the property. The claim had been ongoing for 2 years and despite the best efforts of the managing agent to sort the problem, the process had stalled.

“I did an internet search and Oakleafe Claims came up as one of several claims handling companies local to me. I called a few others before but once I had spoken to Oakleafe I realised that they were the real deal. They immediately took control of the situation. Oakleafe brought in specialist leak detection people who found that a sewage soil stack had been leaking. Within 24hrs it was agreed with insurers to split the claim into 2 phases – stripping & reinstatement. I was in alternative accommodation round the corner the next day as the property was hazardous to my health.”

How Oakleafe handled:

  • Arranged Trace & Access Works to locate source of leak

  • Had the property swabbed and tested for health hazards

  • Arranged alternative accomodation

  • Had specialist decontamination team strip clean the property

  • Engaged a Chartered Surveyor to quantify the damage

  • Obtained a large cash settlement

The Result

“I was able to be comfortable in another property whilst the necessary remedial works were undertaken. My brother is a tradesman and I wanted him to do the repair works so Oakleafe got me a cash lump sum which not only paid him for the works but gave me the opportunity to change a few things I wanted to do for a while. I can’t thank them enough. It was the perfect service. The claim went from nothing happening to being moved out and everything done for me in a very short time. It was like a whirlwind of activity. I was pulling my hair out before they got involved. I am extremely grateful to them for all they did.”

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