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Cyber Crime Claims are appearing in ever increasing numbers. Information technology is prevalent in both our personal and working environments, and we rely on the use of computers and the web to store data every single day.

All businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks which often results in leaked data and major trading disruption. Cyber-attacks affect all manner of businesses on a daily basis, and are not just targeted at large entities either. Most businesses have suffered some form of phishing or IT related virus in their systems.

Remember hackers are professionals working daily to develop ways of breaking into computer systems. Precautions are all well and good but when we are compromised and protocol fails, your may have to rely on your Cyber Insurance to assist. Cyber liability Insurance usually covers your business for cloud storage breaches & computer system rebuilds. Restoration of company data is often needed and there will be associated legal expenses. Losses of data and cybercrime claims are very complicated. Specialists are needed to prove that the breach even occurred. Professional hackers leave few traces of their incursion, and Identifying the damage they caused is often arduous.

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How we can help you

Claims will usually involve specialist forensic IT investigators to provide justification of the extent of the loss. The costs of these services are usually met by the policy. There will be both short and long term negative effects on your business that extend beyond the policy indemnity period. Company reputation is often badly affected and will undoubtedly lead to a loss of business.

We will handle all aspects of the claim including preparing and presenting the current & historic financial loss to the business. Let us take away this burden and help you to recover.