Insurance Claim Process

If you’ve suffered a fire, flood, impact damage or escape of water in your home or business, then do the following:

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Mitigate The Damage

Take advantage of any reasonable opportunity you have under the circumstances to reduce or minimize additional loss or damage.

Remember: You are legally responsible for ensuring there is no danger to the public or anyone entering the property


Notify  Brokers and Call Oakleafe Claims 24 Hour Helpline

0333 2101 999

Oakleafe will help you and handle the next steps with the insurance company for the entire claim process.Oakleafe will liaise with you and assist with any help that is needed. The sooner you call the more of the burden they can take away.

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Notify your insurance company

You need to tell them immediately. Many will have a special emergency number that you can call 24 hours every day throughout the year.

What Next?

The insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster: they work on behalf of the insurer and will handle all the investigations and negotiations. The loss adjuster will assess the damage as well as asking you pertinent and searching questions about your loss: for example, was the property occupied at the time; who was living there; your claims history. Depending on the size and circumstances of your claim, the loss adjuster may instruct a forensic scientist to investigate the cause of the incident.

What is an Insurance Loss Assessor?

First time making an Insurance Claim? You might not be sure where to start, or the process of starting an Insurance Claim might seem very daunting. It is always good to know what options you have available so the Insurance Claim can run more smoothly without any problems. This is where an Insurance Loss Assessor can help. [Read More…]

Top Reasons An Insurance Claim Is Rejected

Make sure your home is not undervalued as this is the most an insurer will pay out. In some cases an insurer may even return your premium and cancel the policy as you have grossly misrepresented their risk. Remember it’s your responsibility not the insurance company to obtain accurate values for reinstatement.  [Read More…]