A Short guide to flood recovery

Recent storms have made us more aware of the effects that heavy can have on our communities. Making good damage to your home after flooding is tough.  It doesn’t have to be too difficult with the right assistance. Maybe you reside in a high-risk flood area. The following will help you in the event of a flooding incident.


The secret to performance is in proper preparation. The weather service provided by the Met Office has a Flood Warning Information Service that gives live details across the country. The local authority should also provide warnings of expected heavy rainfall.

Most property owners do not realise that they reside on or near a potential floodplain. The Environment Agency website provides an interactive map of locations that are at risk of flooding.

You must check that your policy allows for a claim in the event of a flood. Some insurance policies have omissions when it comes to surface water. Flood-specific insurance policies help pay for measures to prevent flooding such as door guards and water pumps.

Decide to respond to any flood alerts. Allow enough time for belongings to be taken upstairs or in a place that will be higher than any water levels. Isolate water, power and gas feeds and make provisions to leave your home Do not walk or drive in water especially if it is fast-flowing – it will always win.

If the water level ingresses before you can vacate, move to the top floor, loft or even your roof. Remember that the flood water is usually contaminated by overflowing drains, never swim or wash in the water.

Flood Damage

You will feel overwhelmed if you suffer a flood, so don’t feel you can’t ask for help either from colleagues, family or from the community. Volunteers are usually keen to help. The local authority, Army & Salvation army are usually available to help.

Claims Handling: Loss Assessors

Cleaning and decontaminating is a painful and demanding process, it’s essential that the insurance company acts quickly after you have suffered a flood. You ideally want to engage a claims handler to assist with any flood damage claim. These are known as Loss Assessors. Insurance company Loss Adjusters will look for opportunities to minimise or repudiate a claim so everything must be taken into account.  But a Claims Management company will assign a Loss Assessor who would use their knowledge and skills to assess the flood damage damage on your property or business. Handle all communications & meetings with your Insurance Company and will endeavour to get everything you are entitled to.  This will help take the stress of dealing with the Insurance company and will leave you with the time to concentrate on your family or business.