Scary – Halloween Insurance Claim Nightmares


Frighteningly, Halloween & Bonfire season see a sharp spike in fires and theft related crime. Making a claim and dealing with an Insurance company can be scary, fire damage insurance claims are a nightmare.

It is common for people let their guard down and open their properties up to welcome trick and treaters. Potential burglars are often disguised in costumes which makes identifying them even more difficult and the nights are dark now. It is well documented that in recent years several parts of the UK have reported a rise in crime during Halloween. Don’t not leave apertures – doors and windows open and check your smoke alarms. This may adversely affect your insurance claim if you do not follow protocol.

The same can be said for Bonfire night. Fireworks usually cause a huge number of fires. The noise of fireworks and parties also masks otherwise noticeable sounds as people commit crimes. Malicious damage, fire and smoke damage claims, vehicle thefts and Burglary Insurance claims are most common. Remember you have a DUTY OF CARE under the terms of your policy that insurers may rely on if you’ve been negligent to refuse to pay your claim.

If you suffer an incident, Insurers will investigate the circumstances of the claim You will be expected to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to prevent the loss occurring. It is not the case that Insurance claims are honoured should there be a misguided firework that sets fire to your property.

Try to follow the advice here:

  1. Keep fires & Fireworks well away from your property
  2. Always have a hose or buckets of water ready
  3. Keep spectators at least 10 feet from the blaze
  4. Use appropriate fuel such as dry wood
  5. Never let kids anywhere near any of the heat sources
  6. Ensure pets are locked indoors
  7. Identify that your fireworks are approved by the BSI
  8. Ensure that fireworks are not let off in high winds
  9. Don’t use petrol or other substances to speed up the fire