Insurance Claims, What should I do? FAQ

The very first thing you need to do is to engage a Loss Assessor.  It is your responsibility to mitigate any damage and prevent it from spreading.  Insurance Loss Assessors have vast experience in Insurance Claims Management and are able to handle all aspects of the claim including all communications with the Insurance Company. They would endeavour to get everything you are entitled to and take away the stress. They would help you notify the Insurance Company who would then send a Loss Adjuster to view and inspect the Incident.  A Loss Assessor would be there for you every step of the way.

What is a Loss Adjuster and what do they do?

Insurance Loss Adjusters are the opposite of a Loss Assessor, they sent by Insurance Companies. It might seem like they are trying to help but in fact they are employed and paid for by the Insurance Companies. They are there to analyse and investigate the incident and often hire additional 3rd party investigators to determine the cause. Their number one priority is to find ways to limit or even refuse the pay-out settlement known as “repudiation”.

How much can I Claim?

This is strictly dependent on the amount of damage which occurred and the policy that you are covered for. Insurance Companies create big large policies full of many different pages trying to cover up or make certain information hard to find. A Loss Assessor can go through the entire policy and analyse the best possible approach to your Insurance Claim.

What is Liability?

Liability is the legal responsibility or obligation for a company’s action. During a claim an Insurance Company would investigation and determine the cause of the incident. Different actions can be taken depending on the result which can be complicated, but Liability must be accepted before a claim can proceed to the next stage.

How long will my claim take?

Every claim is unique and different in its own sense. The range of complexity can vary from claim to claim especially when dealing with a Business Claim which can lead to Business Interruption. Business Interruption is the process of analysing and calculating financial forecasting of a Business where it would be missing out on if the Loss would not have  occurred.

How do you evaluate damage or Loss?

Depending on the type of damage or loss, Insurance Loss Assessors would engage additional specialists to help analyse and assess the loss such as: Chartered Surveyors to inspect property damage, Cyber Security Experts to analyse IT infrastructure and Business Specialists to view sale figures and financial forecasting.

Who pays the settlement?

After liability has been accepted and the final report has been sent to the Insurance Company. It is often agreed between yourself and the Loss Assessor for a small feel for the Claims Handling Service. Remember that an Insurance Loss Assessor is likely to get you 30% more when what your Insurance Company would have offered you making their service vital in getting everything you are entitled to.